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At the core of the novel is a message of hope and promise for Zimbabwe.

For all South African online sales and sales to readers made directly from the Publisher's or Author's office (not including retail outlets such as bookstores/shops etc) a contribution of R15 per book sold will be made to Zimbabwean Pensioners (M'dala Trust).

The M'dala Trust:

Many Zimbabwean old-age pensioners have been left in dire financial straits after a lifetime of hard work, as their pensions have been terminated due to the economic situation in Zimbabwe.
The M'dala Trust is a legally registered organization that provides regular and meaningful support to destitute or needy Zimbabwean pensioners resident in the Western Cape.

Zimbabwe a National Emergency:

Furthermore the author has undertaken, for the first 5000 paperbacks sold in South Africa, to make an additional personal contribution of R2,000 for every thousand paperbacks sold anywhere in South Africa to ZANE.

ZANE's valuable work in Zimbabwe includes:

Community Development
ZANE is working in the communities in the high-density areas surrounding Harare and other major cities.
ZANE projects include cholera treatment and primary health care/HIV-specific medical clinics; home visits and home-based care training; support groups and education; nutritional supplementation; training in food production/nutrition and the seeding and support of income generating projects.

Pensioner Support
There are some 6000 old-age pensioners in Zimbabwe.
Their position is desperate and grows worse daily. Some are in receipt of devalued pensions from the Zimbabwe government; but the rate of inflation is out of control and the elderly have no way of keeping pace. ZANE is providing personalised, means-tested care for desperate Zimbabwean pensioners.

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